Energy Upgrade?

While it may not feel as though the past few months are the same as usual, they have been for most of us sporadic at best. One day feeling “up”, filled with energy and ideas, the next~ swoosh… tired and into hermit mode.

Are you creating the life you want?

I have an idea that I got from someone and tried it.

On the day before the full moon, put a blank paper in the moonlight and repeat on full moon. I put “special” things around it, stones, crystals, etc. Then put it away.

On the new moon, write your desires on the paper, lots of plans, healthy life, body, relationships, prosperity, asking for guidance from your divine source. Fold the paper up and declare these writings done, stash away and repeat on the next full/new moon. I wrote things that were perfectly expressed, fast and flowing. It was amazing. Good health, creative ideas for music, more quality gigs, protection and love to my family….and whatever came to mind and soul was for the good of my life.

Energy upgrade is for these times, I hear a date for moving to a higher frequency is set to September 27th, 2015.

I, for one will be ready, my paper on that full blood moon, with friends and family in my heart, thanking all of divinity and my lord for the gifts. We are a planet of duality, but the scales have shifted, believe it or not, the light always wins!

xo Stefani


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